brings together all the companies in the shipbuilding industry into a single online platform.

     Each registered company has the ability to build its own portfolio of all company-specific services/products. During the creation of the portfolio, the team of specialists will monitor its optimal construction. Of course, there will be a possibility to add photos/video material. The site will allow for easy communication between companies and potential customers. One of the advantages is category search, available services, available facilities (docks, quays, etc.) and a location that will make it easier to quickly find the right contractor of your project. This is a small part of all available services offered by the companies registered in the platform.

     The entire shipbuilding sector is divided into 7 main categories. 
  • Ship Design
  • Ship Building
  • Shiprepair
  • Marine Equipment
  • Marine Services
  • Software Development
  • Recycling

The division of the branch into just these 7 categories is not accidental. The idea is to cover the life cycle of the ship. From design through the exploitation and to recycling.


Note: Shipyard-Finder is still under development! If you have any comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us!