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Shipyard-Finder.com brings together a wide variety of companies from the shipbuilding industry into a single online platform. Each company can create its listing (portfolio) showing specific activities like services, products, facilities, software, certificates and partners. Of course, there is a possibility to add images and videos. Our team monitors all listings to increase their efficiency. 

The platform will ease the communication between companies and potential customers within a single click. One of the benefits of the platform is searching by categories and locations. This will make it more comfortable to find the right company quicker. Of course, the ability to search by keywords remains available as it is a pretty useful feature.

The entire shipbuilding industry is divided into seven main categories: shipbuilding, ship repair, ship design, marine equipment, marine service, software development and recycling. Dividing the industry into these seven categories is not accidentally. The idea behind this is to catch every single step throughout the lifetime of a vessel. From concept design of the ship through the exploitation period and up to the scraping.

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