We have divided the whole shipbuilding sector into 7 main categories. Each category is a segment of the shipbuilding process. The ship can’t be built without these seven categories. Here you will find more info about each category and its purpose…

Ship Design

Basic design, detail design, steel outfitting, piping system, 3D scanning and many more coming soon…

Ship design is a major part of the shipbuilding process. No matter what will be built in the 21st century, everything is created firstly on the computer screen.

This is the reason to create the ship design category. Nowadays it is impossible to create any vessel without the help of designers and specialized software. Under this category, you will find certified companies with experienced designers and the needed software for that purpose.

Here is the stage where the thing gets in shape. The location of a shipyard is really important, this is the idea behind the shipbuilding category. Locating all shipyard around the world from the smallest one to the biggest one. This will help the owners to find new customers and partners.


Cruise ships, ferries, offshore vessels, tug and workboats, naval vessels and many more…

The companies registered under this category have all needed technology, facilities and certificates to create any vessel wished by the customers.

Marine Equipment

Propellers, pumps, anods, navigation systems, safety equipment, moorings and others coming soon…

It’s not possible a ship to float without any equipment. With this category, we aim to list all manufactories and suppliers of marine equipment.

In this way, we want to bring marine manufacturers and suppliers of equipment closer to potential customers and partners. Here you will find companies producing and supply quality and certified equipment, needed for the normal exploitation of a vessel.

Probably you know that the vessel is a complex engineering floating unit. Without the help of different marine services will be not possible to operate independently. This is the role of marine services to support the proper work of the vessel.

Marine Service

Bunkering, survey, inspection, anchor handling, towing, positioning and many others coming soon…

In marine service, you will find companies offering all needed services to support the proper work of every vessel. 

Ship Repair

Hull, machinery, electronic, hydraulic, retrofit and other ship repair services coming soon…

Yes, like every machine the ship also needs repair service on time and from certified supplier. Ship repair category is created to gather all ship repair companies.

Doesn’t matter where are you located, what kind of repair you need. Whether it is, a planned dock repair or an offshore emergency repair, using our database and finding the right company will be much easier like 1+1=2.

A computer without software is like a ship without sails. Software development is a very important category in our database. Without it, the progress and the building of so complicated vessels can’t happen.

Software Development

Software for ship design, calculations, simulations, analysis, and other purposes coming soon…

That’s why we create software development. Of course, this category is created to find the needed software, but if not exist you can find the right company to create it. 


Recycling of different kind of metals, plastics, paper, batteries, and other recyclable materials coming soon…

Recycling is the key to a better future. Recycling is the thing that we need to do more instead of manufacturing.

One of the biggest pollutant on our planest are ships, during the manufacturing process, during the exploitation and mostly shipbreaking. With this category, we aim to decrease this big footprint over nature. Find companies and organization who will help you to recycle your garbage and waste. We do shipbuilding together, let’s do recycling together.

Do the right step and expand over the seas. Specially created for businesses with offices in more than two countries. With one single aim, to help the growth of your business, we developed worldwide companies category.

Worldwide Companies

Well-known companies coming soon…

Here you will find well-known trademarks and names in the shipbuilding industry working with the most significant clients on the market.

This is category number 8, specially created for worldwide companies. Available only for lifetime users.

Where is your business located?

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