How it works

Read in details how everything works

Step 1: Registration

Pick a membership package and make a registration!

Step 2: Submission form

After registration, you will get three emails from us!

The 1st one contains info for your account in our platform. The 2nd one is for your order, and the 3rd email includes a link to your submission form.

NOTE: Please, fill the form as soon as possible!

After we get your submission form, we are starting to create your listing. Usually, within 24 hours, your listing is ready and published to our database. You will get a final email with a link to your listing.

Also, you can find the link to your listing in My account page!

NOTE: The time depends on our workload!

Step 3: Done, and it’s more than a simple listing.

Now you have a professional-looking listing in front of the entire shipbuilding industry. It serves as a map, guiding prospective clients and partners to your company.


Business Categories

Each category is a segment of the shipbuilding process. 

Category Icons